‪#‎kaithari‬ Ithy-ADee
A Benaras organza silk from Chennai, about 18 years old. My first solo saree shopping post wedding. Went to my SIL house in Chennai when my son, was about 3 years old. His first train journey in Shatabdi. He was super excited and was sitting in different seats every few minutes.
At my SIL Manni, behest, went to a store in Pondy Bazaar. Fell in love with this at first sight. Paid a whopper, 2500/-, got it home and I remember doing the fall and picot myself in my SIL house. This saree has been worn by several people. My niece Amrita Shivram ‘s favorite saree… She has worn it several times for various functions. Keeps eyeing it all the time…..
Shilpa Mani, Can you ask your mom which store we picked this up from??

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