Psst…. Actually I finished 100…. And since there are no rules, am counting as I like it… In decimals……
After learning more and more about kaithari and the weaves of India, I have now developed one allergy , like peanut allergy, towards these machine made sarees…. I have given away quite a few but have kept some fake looking, masquerading as originals… This is one such. Very light to wear, the store guy kept insisting it is jute…. Jhoot only….
These are good for rainy days. Talking of peanut allergy, the team was having a discussion on how we can get a better increment this year.. Our appraisals are due and we decided that all of us will paint red marks all over us, take a group selfie and mail our boss, saying we have peanut allergy. Hoping the message is taken in the right spirit……
Can’t wait for Friday…..

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