Saree during Chennai Floods.
Mostly in this #100sareepact we have seen only saree as a graceful dress, as an elegant attire, as a fashion statement, as a feel good factor.
Let me tell you the role of Sarees during Tamil Nadu floods.
• Almost entire city Chennai was flooded, people walked away from home with full wet clothes.
• All the branded clothes in the wardrobe was wet, nothing at all could help them, neither their ATM cards nor their bank balance.
• Every one needed to get warm, people stayed in big marriage halls, schools, multiplexes any big hall was ready to accommodate.
• Now how do we make people dry, they needed clothes to change, who will have clothes fitting there size? Kids needed blankets.
• People took as much cotton sarees as possible to these places, saree being unstiched anyone could use it.
• Saree became cradle, it became bed sheet, it became blanket, it became bedding. It helped become get warmer.
A gift given by known people is special, something send by a total stranger just by the goodwill feel was amazing.

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