This bright pink chiffon saree with delicate pearl embroidery was a gift from my father in law just a few months after my marriage. There was no occasion; he had traveled on work and on his return brought back this saree for me, much to my delight.

I wore it soon after in a Gujarati drape for a dandiya, and then somehow, it lay forgotten. Several times I thought of draping it but found it too bright; or simply not right. Then I found this dressy yet sober off white blouse that played down the brightness of the saree, at the same time upping its glam quotient. So the saree got a re-birth and I draped it sometime back for the mehendi function of a Swedish friend and colleague. The camera shy Lisse does not figure here, but you can see the mehendi adorning my palms 🙂

Accessorized the saree further by a delicate pearl neckpiece and matching drooping earrings, a gift from my Mom on my last wedding anniversary, and scores of glass bangles from my old collection.

This saree always reminds me of the bright pink candy floss that I insisted on eating at every mela (and I still love it) and hence call this my Candy Floss Saree.

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