81/100. Teacher. Friend. Brother. That’s who he is. And she – I loved her first because my friend chose her to love. I loved her next because my son adored her. But, then I loved her last and best because she is who she is.

Who they are to my son and me and what they are for us – is something I will never be able to express. When it comes to Tapas and Nikita, I can’t even say “words are all I have”. Because for them, I don’t even have words… And now, there is Taraksh. Their five-month-old bundle of sweetness. If there was ever a reason to stay family, he and my son are it. ?

Nikita and Tapas got married four years ago on her birthday. This year, they are in the middle of putting 36 batches on stage as part of their 10th anniversary mega concert. A surprise for Nikita was arranged at the last minute by Tapas, which we modified to be a sort of surprise for him as well. And how we ate and danced and laughed that day!

I didn’t really have a party-party saree at home. So, decided to wear this zari-bordered cream-and-maroon Mysore crepe saree that echoed the colours of the saree I wore for their wedding.

Congratulations, you two. And may the celebrations never end. ?

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