The festivities continue and so does the raid on Amma’s wardrobe. I love rangoli and make sure that I draw it outside the door on every festive occasion. I am no artist by any standards – my grandmother taught me a few traditional designs and those are the ones I can draw. The day started with puja of the cars and saraswati Pujan by the kids, saraswati drawn in their notebooks, followed by grand lunch. The second half was well spent visiting family and friends, to seek blessings of elders. Posing also with Shweta Laddha, my dear co-sister and a fellow saree pacter. We had a great time together!! The sarees – Amma’s ilkal saree teamed with ‘chandra bindi’. The other one a half and half benarasi and jute silk saree, with embroidery and sequins work on the pallu and an embroidered border throughout. I bought this one in Jaipur during a visit there.

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