The Bangla connection – My father spent a reasonable time of his working life in West Bengal and therefore I too spent the first year of my life there. My parents tell me that when my mother was pregnant, she would crave for Bengali sweets – whether it had any effect on me in her womb, I don’t know but the fact is that those are the only sweets I like! My father speaks fluent Bangla, has read Bengali novels and enjoys as also can sing Rabindra Sangeet! He has many Bengali friends too! As kids my brother and I would visit the Durga puja pandal every year with our parents – the high point for me being the rasogulla!! So yesterday, I announced to dear hubby that we should go to a Durga puja pandal. A few dear friends also joined. We had great Darshan of the goddess but sadly no rasogulla! Wore an Assam silk saree with the traditional woven motifs. Bought this saree from Guwahati when visiting there for Khanindra Barman’s wedding. I was helped by Banani, a friend’s sister in buying this; she is among the sweetest persons i have met!! Teamed up the look with red and white bangles but couldn’t get the drape the Bangla way!!