26/100 – Not too many years ago dressing up for an important meeting at work meant a well tailored business suit, blazer and a silk shawl. Not anymore. I now automatically reach for my collection of beautiful work sarees. Maybe it has to do with being in my thirties now and feeling more confident and sure of myself, but every time I drape a saree and carry myself straight and tall (with the aid of four inch heels of course!) I feel incredibly powerful. Just a few weeks ago I wore the saree pictured here – one of my favourites- a striking black and red cotton ikkat. I paired it this time with a chunky Tibetan silver necklace and bangle. Chairing a large meeting that day I felt incredibly powerful and commanded the attention of the entire room. Wrapped in a saree I feel a lot more confident than I do in a dress or pants. So now, power dressing for me will always involve a saree.

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