I have never returned from my Amma’s house empty handed. Never ever. And she always makes sure it’s something she had prepared and not purchased from any shop!! Had been to her place for Gauri Pujan as the daughter of the house. The Gauri symbolises the daughters of the house who visit the mother. An array of delicious food cooked by her and my vahini Preeti Deshpande, like every year, was left wondering how lucky I am to be blessed with this marvellous woman as my mother. My heart also reaches out to my ajji today. She was like a goddess herself. Her face was always so peaceful and radiant!! She would always tell me- one realises the complete value of one’s mother, only after becoming one!! And hopefully I’ve realised that!! I wore my wedding saree today – a pure kanjivaram in peacock blue with peacock motifs and checks all over. The drape and feel of the saree is amazing!!

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