The arrival of my favourite God! Ganapati, deity of wisdom and intelligence!! The deep and infinite faith in him is something that is I think natural and more a genetic factor to me. We grew up watching the puja and devotion almost unparalleled!! The Lord is our family deity – memories of how my grandfather performed the puja are still vivid and my parents continue to follow the same strict rituals with complete devotion. The entire family fasts and it is broken the next day with a sumptuous meal of modaks!! Reciting the ‘atharvashirsha’ comes naturally – I could just go on and on!! Nostalgia strikes completely with the coming of this festival of Gauri and ganapati!! Mangalmurti moraya!! ?? A red kanjivaram was a must today – as my grandfather would tell us – red is the favourite colour of Lord Ganesha and silk is the most pure and auspicious fabric!!

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