It is the season of Pujas in the #CityofJoy….
After observing Durga Puja/Lakhsmi Puja/Kaali Puja/ Kartik Puja, the latest addition was Jagadhatri Puja at Sudip Da’s place.

Jagaddhatri or Jagadhatri (‘the Protector of the World’) is an aspect of the Hindu goddess Durga, who is particularly worshipped in the West Bengal region of India. Her cult is directly derived from Tantra where she is a symbol of sattva beside Durga and Kali.
She is celebrated on Asthami tithi and ends on Dashami tithi. The date of the puja is decided by the luni-solar Hindu calendar.
Jagaddhatri is depicted as being the colour of the morning sun, three-eyed and four-armed, holding a chakra, conch, bow and arrows, clothed in red, bright jewels and nagajangopaveeta (a serpent as the sacred thread), She rides a lion standing on the dead Karindrasura, the Elephant Demon.

At Sudip da’s place the colour of the idol was unique- absolutely orange (similar to orange-red centre of the Night-flowering Jasmine/Shiuli flower). She was wonderfully decked up and there was an amazing touch of cosiness.

With all the forms of Goddess Durga I always connect an image of Mother, decked up in gorgeous attire.
67/100 #100sareepact is a moment when I wore my mother’s Benarasi while attending the first Jagadhatri Puja of my life.
My mother wore this pretty saree on her wedding night and for long I have longed to drape this.
The ranee coloued, silk Benarasi has been under a strict vigilance of my father; for the first time I wore to celebrate the festivity and create my sareepact story :):)
The gorgeous drape with heavy ear-piece and make-up was my earnest attempt to recreate that magenta magic of her wedding night connecting the Puja evening!

The wonderful hosts-Sudip da & Nandini di, were happy to be a part of my sareepact pose 😉
In fact also found Tumpa di- when all 3 of us bonded and created #100sareepact moment in a new avatar with the festivity mood.

Ashchhe Bochhor, Abar Hobe… (It will happen next year again….till then)!!!!

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