33/100 – It was my grandmother’s third janku time. Janku is a celebrationg of aging in Newar community. It is celebrated three times – at 77 + years, 79 and 89 years (there’s a very complicated calculations involved)

She was turning 90 in few months so the family was hosting a celebration. I wanted to buy a saree but having just finished university and with no job, I couldn’t afford to splurge. I had my heart set on this yellow and white chiffon with zari border and a red one for my mom. So, I convinced mom to let me spend whatever little savings I had at that time (which I had given to mom to keep) and buy the saree to wear at maa’s janku. It still carries a red vermillion powder mark from the puja that day that no dry cleaning has been able to remove in over 14 years.