this mustard yellow saree was a gift from my aunt. It was given to me in the name of my paternal grandmother who had passed away before I was born and after whom I am named. Her absence however was never felt by us as we had a wonderful grandfather. Most of my childhood memories include Baba, whether it was playing around him sitting on the Voltaire(reclining chair), his getting batatwadas for me in his Jeudi(coat) pocket, going everywhere with him, eating food together, him telling my sister and me stories from his childhood, our fathers childhood, about his dog Chamel, or of anything, sharing maggi noodles with him (only once) he did not like it, showing him anything new that we got, parading our new clothes or me just sitting or lying next to him listening to the transistor. He never let us feel the absence of a grandmother.Here with my saree photo is another one of Baba and me taken on my first birthday.

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