What is there in a number when we all love sareeS. I never counted my sarees neither here not at home. So when we love the saree just start enjoying it. I dont know when I am reaching 100. I will sit and count today to mark the 100century. This beauty is my beloved mom’s who passed away in 2009 when I was 8th month carrying my son. Its a really diffcult phase in my life. I could not attend her on her last stage to bring my son on this earth. If I attend I burst as a whole and knowing the consequences i didnt attend as I am going through diarrhea. Those moments are difficult to forget. Now my mom’s sarees whatever she left I am enjoying, remembering her always. This coffee colour south cotton beauty with green pallu peacocks all over and beautiful oval beauties on the body of the saree is always simple and looks beautiful. I love this combination and I wore this with maroon blouse. As I put on weight I am not fitting into my beautiful blouses. So no other option left for me to wear stretchable blouses. Always enjoy this mix and match and the same uniform style I dont like much. Kuch hatke kuch alag and to c some carelessness to feel bindass I wear like that. One should enjoy the saree not the blouse. Thanks to the creaters of 100sareepact. Because of their creativity I am able to take pictures and upload them forever. I can c and enjoy this for whole life and my son can also see my pictures, otherwise I dont have any pictures of mine left in my house due to a fire accident which occured recently and lost all the photographs and sarees in that. This become an album for me to see and enjoy myself whenever I wanted. God bless 100sareepact

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