There is a beautiful story behind this Gadwal saree. I will write in a nutshell. I went a decade ago to Hyderabad to my friend’s house and she told me that her friend is selling beautiful sarees. So we went to just see as I am not ready to purchase any of the sarees and told my friend too of my intention and she agreed. But when we went there and she show us the best of the Gadwal sarees. This is one of them both like this. I told my friend to take and viceversa. Then we both were unmarried so she told me who will get married first they will keep the saree and I agreed to her decision. Unfortunately or fortunately I got married and next year followed. The saree has come to me so it is the decision of the saree not myself I thought in my mind. So its my first and my most fav. Gadwal. I ended up purchasing two Gadwal. another will follow in a few posts. The whole saree is in bright violet and beautiful pallu with a beautiful thread work.In hurry I took this picture. The saree blouse is not fitting me so combined with another old saree blouse. We change, body changes but sarees never change they remain evergreen forever

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