This beauty is mom’s bengal cotton saree given to her by her brother. She has very few beautiful sarees and when I got job I used to purchase for her but she never wore only used to keep them for an occassion and the occassions came but she never wore them. She never attended any occassions. It is a long story to tell but now I dont say because she is no more now but her memories are always fresh. This beauty I love the most because of its huge zari line block and the thin zari border and the onion shade colour almost I love the weaving in the pallu. The moment it came to my mother I had an eye on that around 25 years ago. Then not even I started wearing sarees but i saw my mom wearing only saree always. My love for sarees begin at my very young age. This beauty is very special because it is my Mom’s. Thank you 100sareepact for giving me an opportunity to share my memories with you and with myself.

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