Going to work today on Choti diwali and my birthday too wore black as I like black but I also wore blue too as It is my birthday I dont want to look dull in black saree so I changed into this tussar silk black to blue which follows in next post.. My black tussar silk purchase on online but it is light black in pic when it came home it is dark black. So I didnt mind to return. MY son came immediately to stop my shooting for 100sareepact as he is being disturbed in the early morning shootings. I get time only in the morning to get a photo for this pact in the evening I feel tired and there is no sunlight. The photo looks very dull. I dont have other source to take a pic hardly a picture in office or at home. Its getting tuff for me as I am nearing 100. Being a scorpian I always love to finish my task. So here wit my son enjoying the pic. Happy deepawali to everyone Lov to all

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