My second Kalamkari . A thin silk with a seemingly simple and quiet floral print which when worn transforms into a style statement .
I must confess I bought this mostly because it matches my favourite blue Batik blouse !!

Seemed like the perfect ensemble for a day long series of Diwali celebrations , first with the children in Tata Memorial ( danced so much with them like I have never danced before ) and then a hugely satisfying Diwali Puja with the V Care team and then the GIST Support Group Diwali Open House at my office .

In these support group meetings there is a lot of sharing and learning from each other’s experiences and lots of networking . Having our fellow advocate from Germany with us meant our patients had a great opportunity to learn about the scene in Europe and the latest developments in treatment , care and support systems in that part of the world .
Then we had Neelam Kumar , a wonderful woman , a breast cancer survivor who wrote about her journey in a book called To Cancer with Love , a Journey of Joy.
All of us listened to her in wonder and admiration as she spoke of her brush twice over with cancer and making a concerted effort to deal with it by finding humour and joy in the whole process .
There’s no end to learning . No end to sharing and loving .
Happy Diwali

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