This Majanta beauty given by my MIL. She also loves sarees like me. I would have introduced her to this pact if she has with me. As my FIL is not well she is taking care of him in Hyderabad. So enjoys all this staff and she resembles me in all these activities. Fun in nature and a very helping in nature. In one word she is down to earth lady. She has a rich taste and she is having a lovely kanjeevarams and silks. It is one of them as it is a silk with beautiful pallu design. She knows that I liked this sarees and so given to me to wear. Because of her I am able to continue to complete this 100sareepact. Most of the sarees given by her once she was a richest woman when she was in her teenage. After marriage she is not that but her golden heart not yet reduced. Thanks to the 100sareepact for bringing all memories and giving life to them.

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