Date: April -17

Day 6/100 – The pact MUST not be broken, even if the tailor ditches you!!!

Its been a week since I gave him the blouses to be stitched and inspite of a promise – maydam 2 din mein le lena, no luck frown emoticon

So decided to team this saree – one of my favorites from my moms treasure, with a white chikankari crop top.

As I read the saree pact posts, where some give such nice details of the saree type, the weave etc, I become more aware of my ignorance of the sarees that I am wearing. A lovely blog that I read yesterday – makes me want to find out more so I call my mom early in the morning…asking her to tell me more about this saree.

Its what she calls Pondicherry silk. I couldn’t find any more details – maybe someone else from the pact can shed more light!

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