This is my first Durga Puja Celebration, in Delhi. Otherwise during puja vacations, we stay at our homestate. This time I was quite sad, whether I could be a part of Devi Baran, like other years, and trust me, It was much better than the before. For, that special day, I chose this beautiful Bhagal Puri Silk, gifted by my “Pishi Moni”/Bua, the sweetest old lady in my world, my nanny , who used to look after me, during my childhood day…So, instead of traditional lal par I chose this one, to say a spl. thanks to her. Though I have no bloodrealtion with her, though she belongs to other class or social level, though recently she has left this immortal world still for me, I am her part only, nourished by her love and care

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