Day 69
Memories take me back to those days when my father’s health started deteriorating and I used to think only and only about him sitting far away from him, at Delhi or most of the time at a foreign land where I used to be with my husband in connection with his work. The only feeling was being helpless. My intuitions used to tell me that his days on earth are numbered. Felt like grabbing every opportunity to be with him. The feeling got stronger and I was at Kochi to be with him for a week! I spent maximum time with him. I felt his life is coming to a full circle as he behaved like a baby. Dementia affected him badly.
As a normal practice whenever I visited Kochi I used to take out my nephews and niece out on shopping and dining. This time I felt I would miss out on the time I get to be with my dear father if I go out with the kids. But the kids were not happy with my thought. So finally we selected that time of the day, to go out, when my father would go for a nap after he had his lunch…thus we ended up being in Kalyan Silks. Along with kids’ dresses this saree was also bought home. A black netted Kota with green thread work on it with a zari border.

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