A Jaipur Kota silk in marigold yellow…. A really bright celebration color…. From Jaipur. Reminds me of my carpenter and the conversations we had when I was doing the wood work for my house…..

Carpenter and team busy chopping, sawing, planing, fevicoling. I enter and head carpenter, Nandulal asking me in Hindi….. Now please remember, he speaks only Hindi and I speak 4 South Indian languages, one business language…..
N: Ye Kahan dalna
Me: Ye kya haiiii?
N: some shelf he says
Me: hmmmm.. Wait karo… Let me soch….
N: jaldi boliye…..
After some time, I say, Yis goda mein dalo…
Nandulal full confused and says KYA???
I say, really loud, Yis goda mein dalo…,, understand?

Now all the workers stopped working and were looking at me and N alternately. One was smirking, another scratching his head, few more looking as confused. The only thing that was constant was – all looking at me and N, like a tennis match.
N, he is by now fully confused, sits down, scratches his head, all the while looking at me….then he says, I am going for lunch…. (in Hindi)
I give him a dirty look thinking then why the hell did you want me to tell you in a hurry…. But can’t say that much in a way he can understand…..
N goes for an extended lunch and comes back at 3…. Warily comes in and looks at me. In the meantime, I had recalled my 2 std Hindi and realized that, I was all along referring to Deewar, which is gode, in Kannada. For some reason I thought the Hindi version of gode was goda!! Heh heh!

Flashes of lightning and My Eureka moment happened. Recalled from the same text book, that wall is Deewar in Hindi and realized Gode is wall in Kannada!!!!

And realized all the while Nandulal was thinking why the hell should he put the shelf on the horse….

And I tell N, Deewar, Deewar, put it on the Deewar….
N is happy that finally I have become sensible again…. Mutters something and I am beaming and rolling with laughter…. —

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