A unique kind of half and half saree. In a pon vandu – A variety of lady bird which is colored gold – and the traditional green. With a rudraksha border. The saree is unique as it it half cotton and half pure silk. The pon vandu color is cotton and the green pure silk. Amazingly light and classy! Silk sarees are a coveted item and many in India cannot afford one. It is a lifetime ambition of some people to own and drape one. If one has access to clean drinking water, work in a good office with Air Con and can afford a silk saree, one is among the 4% population in India. Now how privileged is that!! Count our blessings! The National Award winning movie Kancheevaram story is along these lines. Of Prakash Raj promising to get his daughter married in a silk saree and in his quest of that goal, combined with his idealistic view of equal wealthy for all, in a pre-independence India, gets himself into a lot of trouble. A must watch, the movie won him his National Award for best Actor. I cried when I watched the movie!!

India, India…. My heart beats for you!

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