A Tussar from Rajasthan, bought at Dastkar. Many moons ago. Greenish gray with white block prints and a unique look. Forgot to post #74 and when I was taking the census of my posts, realized I have missed one post.
I actually got the saree by a quirky turn of events . I was totally bored and tired after all the walking in the Palace grounds. Sat down near a small stall, waiting for the rest of the gang to finish and catch up… It irritates me no end when people can’t make up their mind. I keep wondering how many boys they saw before choosing one to get hitched with. Let’s come back to the story of the saree. So I sat down near the stall, asked the youngster manning it to give me some water. He gave me really cool matka water. Downed a few glasses and was finally peaceful with myself. Started chatting with him in Hindi, mind you. ????? Then I was looking around the stall and he said why don’t you buy some suits…. I told him. I wear only sarees or Western, thinking that will stop him from making his sales pitch ….. He brightened and said I will show you something nice, opened one big mootai and pulled out only this saree. I fell like a ton of bricks, for the saree – before you get any dumb ideas- and sighed and asked, How much now? He said for me special price… And charged me an arm and a leg. Guess he knew a sucker when he saw one…. By then the gang came back and said he must have actually charged me for the water also….. I almost believe them now….. And the gang hadn’t bought anything at all, because they couldn’t make up their mind!!! ?????? Sheeesh! Who needs enemies when you have one deranged family like this…..

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