Found this delight in my Mom’s treasure chest recently 🙂 A gift on the occasion of some family wedding, Mom probably put it aside given the orange color. And there it lay waiting for several years, till I chanced on it by accident. So I got it fall-ed and peco-ed, teamed it with a dressy black blouse, and wore it to a family function over the weekend!

#20 – my “mor” and “morni” saree – owes it’s name to the cute peacock peahen pairs adorning the saree. A lot of sarees have peacocks, but usually they are all similar peacocks in different colors or sizes. This saree sports them in pairs, each pair with one peacock and one peahen cozily facing each other doing the peacock strut! I attempted a click, but with neither the skill nor the patience at photography, the outcome is far from good 🙁 In any case, the brilliant saree color with a contrast black pallu and my mor and morni pairs all make a lovely combo that went brilliantly with my dressy black blouse with all over paisley prints in different colors with a gold border.