Started today with a bright orange!
This saree was a gift from my hubby’s aunt Lalitha chitti, my mom-in-law’s sister. At my wedding, 12 years ago, she reached out and made me comfortable in the new world that I was stepping into.
She is a super woman, non-stop hardworking, always smiling, always ready to help anyone, super generous, full of energy and always ready with a herb or plant that will magically make your aches, pains or colds dissappear! Chitti is a school teacher, I’m pretty sure that given her efficiency levels, she would have excelled if she were a CEO.
Sriram Patta and Anantharaman Pattabiraman , your mom is an amazing woman smile emoticon
Mysore silk it is. Day 4/100
Never fancied the orange, too jhataak, I thought. Today, however, pairing it with a embroidered top made it chic enough wink emoticon

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