It’s trending roses on the pact. Embroidered rose buds to bright blues ones like Antara to black roses in mustard fields a.k.a. Jhelum (and I absolutely loved that saree :-)) and many more. So I decided to bring out my own roses to the pact garden, roses that have been waiting several years to bloom!

Saree #18 – a butter silk dream drape strewn with roses in pink, yellow and pista green. A two min drape that stays all day, no crumpling, and of the “slim fit” category I described in an earlier post. I did a full day of work, with two townhall meetings and an evening dinner meeting, and though my face reflected the busy day, the saree looked as bright and untouched as it did in the morning! Pic here has been clicked 11.30pm.

The saree is a gift from another favorite cousin Saroj tai, on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding several years back. I was into printed silks in a big way many years back and had a lot of the “air hostess” sarees. Perhaps this gift was also based on that observation by my cousin 🙂 Somewhere along the way that fascination faded and this saree remained as is, with the roses waiting patiently to bloom in fresh air.

The Rose is also an apt metaphor for Saroj tai herself. She rose above all odds to spread beauty and fragrance through her work and generosity. Even when crushed, she left behind nothing but a sweet fragrance, everytime. Much older than me, she has pampered me immensely and I will share more on this soon in another post, when I wear another of her sarees.

Until then, here are my blooming roses, paired with a treasured ceremic neckpiece and earrings set, also in a floral design.

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