Three in a row! I performed my Varalakshmi Vratham pooja today. Yes, if you can’t for any reason do it on the second Friday of the month of sravanam, you can do it on the fourth.. so it was today for me.
A new Saree, rather a never worn gift. Nakul’s aunt gave me this saree when she came to invite me for his cousin’s wedding ( I totally love this ritual). Finally found the right opportunity to wear it. Doesn’t it look like a ‘Pattu’ Saree, no it is a super light cotton silk. Draped it in the traditional ‘kachcha’ Andhra brahmin style. My grandma used to drape her saree this way everyday. As it is a known fact that I resemble her.. today was even more so..
Of course the best part was mom taking over the kitchen as well as making her super special Kajal at home with castor oil and sandalwood.

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