I haven’t posted 14 yet.. but today is the 15..
The best way to turn around a bad day is to catch up with friends. It was just one of those days. Couldn’t find both sets of keys in the morning, stuck in a bad jam in the auto, Power cut just as I reached home, cab driver didn’t show up. Almost cancelled the evening programme, wisdom prevailed and was just what the day needed. Mindblowing performance of a fusion of Kathak and Flamenco, Toroboka by Akram Khan and Israel Galvan, how absolutely lovely.. followed by dinner in Pulimunchi with my favorite couple Sambrita and Raj. As everything was going wrong, decided to wear a saree for a feel good factor. This is a ten year old saree, lively with embellishments, has a Rajasthani feel because of the colours. I normally wear it to occasions where I need to look festive but don’t want to wear a pure silk.

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