August 7, 2015 is National Handloom Day. I have decided to drape only cotton handloom sarees for the next five days.

I can’t think of draping anything heavy in this horrendous Delhi weather. So you are going to see very light cotton sarees, maybe even bordering on the ordinary.

I visited Bangalore in August 2013 to celebrate my eldest brother’s birthday and Rakshabandhan. I and my SIL used to go shopping everyday of my stay. At that time, I had a saree phobia and was into casuals only. I did not buy any saree for myself but we bought sarees for my mom.

My mom is into cotton handlooms and drapes only unstarched sarees. (I have inherited that particular trait). My SIL bought two sarees from Tamilnadu Emporium. A Madras check and another one with tiny checks. Both in different shades of green.

I am draping that Madras check saree with another of my khadi blouses. As I woke up late, I had no time to accessorize. The rings you see in the pictures are my daily wear. I never take them off.

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