4/100 #100sareepact
It’s been a while since I posted on the pact, and I’m sorry for dropping off the radar. This sandal paste coloured and dull gold soft kanjivaram is one of my most precious purchases from Vimor. Aunty Chimmy was patient, supportive, encouraging and effusive in her compliments as I hmmmmed and hawwwed whether or not to pick it up. Was it too dull? Too plain? Was the zari too muted? Was it too ‘inauspicious’ a colour to don on auspicious occasions? My mind was riddled with doubts. But the temples along the border and the intricacies of the pallu blew me away. And of course the colour and texture. Annapakshis, paisleys, flowers, vines all vie for space and attention. Besides…white, ivory, beige, taupe, mushroom, sand, sandal…I live and breathe the best in these colours. In fabrics, think natural tones of muga, tussar, gorode, khadi. My heart was trapped (easily and willingly) but my head was holding me back. “Yet another ivory in your collection?“ it asked.
An entire afternoon was spent preening before the mirror (Ah! Vanity!) till it was dusk, or godhuli, as we call it in Bengal. As I stood before that by now familiar mirror, with the rays of the setting sun casting their magical light on this fabric and its subtle zari weave, the romantic in me cried out, “Take it, what are you waiting for?!” And before the mind could take over, I hastily made it my own.
Today I wore it to a dear friend’s daughter’s wedding. With accessories that are from the northern parts of our country: Mughal polki, Rajasthani naqashi and Bengali filigree! Teamed with a kanji they looked in complete sync with one another. Jai Hind and thanks Aunty Chimmy!

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