23/100 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ wearing a saree after a gap, as it was a busy week, few cakes to design , few ODC and few fancy parties to attend. Plus didn’t want my facebook friends to be harassed by my saree posts. At social gatherings ladies have started asking which saree number is this , felt embarrassed when few gentleman asked about the saree pact. Hummm no am not giving up the pact but will post less and not many tags. As Veena is back from her long stay with all her daughters, so first visit to Sai mandir with her is a must. Met her after a gap of one and half months and realised with good friends you really don’t need to meet everyday, don’t need to go for coffee and lunches everyday but just always remember them fondly. You feel a reconnect the minute you see them. Maybe that’s a definition of soul mate. Wearing this sooti saree as my grandma use to call them, pure cotton off white block printed , soft to feel no fuss saree. I have seen my grandma wearing sooti saree with seedha palla on her head and working hard doing all household chores and never complaining about it. Don’t remember where and how it has reached my treasure chest of sarees,but I never felt like giving it up. With a busy day ahead keeping you all in my prayers. Have a blissful day you all.‪#‎mysareedairies‬

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