Yesterday being the last day of this year’s Durga Poojo we planned to make it special. It was still Navami for us here since the idols would only be immersed today. After the mandatory devi darshan we went to a restaurant which offered Bengali food festival for the mandatory bhoodi bhoj. The elaborate spread of Thakurbarir pulao, koraichutir kochuri, shukto, doi maach, cholar daal narkol diye, beguni, chhanar patudi and nolengurer paayesh more than satisfied our taste buds.
The kids wanted to watch the Shahid Alia flick Shaandar and we thought we were lucky to get the tickets without any hassle on a holiday. It was only later that we realised that the empty seats were so justified. The film deserved being open to barely there crowd.
Wearing a Morni green south silk ( I picked it up from an exhibition from a Tamil Nadu stall and have no idea what it is called) with a broad red and gold border with a red brocade blouse.

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