Ghar chola….my mum’s 50 year old saree ……………..elegant .beautiful . graceful .A saree describes the woman and makes her feel so special ..I got to know about the Saree Pact from my friend Poornima Menon and believe it I am totally addicted.
Living in Sydney for the past 25 years with a busy Business Life there is no time to dress in a saree as with the present woman who is ” MULTI TASKING “all the time she has no time to stop and look at herself in the mirror but the saree pact has brought so many beautiful hidden talents together on this dias that I just feel I know so well now….no expectations…no criticism except admiration …I must give a big HUG to Ally Mathan and Anju Mudgal for this step towards bringing this age old tradition and love of saree in this modern light.
Lots of love and YES we must all meet in “nama Bengaluru “

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