#15 and the last day of Navratri called for the sky blue color. So here comes this bright and light saree, a gift from my Mom, on the occasion of my son’s naming ceremony 8 years ago.

Chiffon and gorgette were the rage then, specially with sequins and all kinds of bling. So my Mom made a departure from her routine picks and bought this saree for me. The purchase itself was a super quick one. She was on her way to my place, and enroute met my maushis for a quick lunch. While chatting with them she realized that while she had loads of gifts for all of us, there was no saree in there, and so all three of them dashed off to the nearest saree shop (and they had loads of choice in central Dadar) and bought this for me 🙂

Today on a whim I exchanged the usual matching blouse that came with the saree for this colourful one that really brightened my day and raised my spirits 🙂

The spirits unfortunately left a mark on my saree end of the day 🙁 I ended up going for a last minute dinner with old friends who had made a surprise visit to Pune. The dinner itself was great fun, but the waiter ended up pouring some very red wine on my saree (wonder if he took swigs from the bottle before he served!!). So I guess the next time I drape this saree and tell its tale there is an expensive wine mark there that I can talk about 🙂

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