This write up should have been about meeting Rajmohan Gandhi but the mom in me won over the history buff Jaya.
After my older son left for college Anand has been very lonely. They shared the room so were always together. From last one month I have been noticing that Anand has too much time in hand. The kind of social person I am, seeing him alone and no friends to visit, bothers me too much.
Our town has a Facebook group, which has around 3300 members. For many of us it is “to go” place to ask question. Finally on Thursday night I thought I should ask for help. That is one thing I am really good at it anyways. So I posted that my sons needs a buddy for chess and scrabble. He can play video game without talking but social interaction I was looking for. I went to bed hoping I did the right thing. I told clearly that Anand has autism. The next morning I had 3 mothers reached out to me that they are also looking for buddies for their similar age kids. Two other moms with neuro typical kids said their kids would love to be his buddy. That Friday it was all about talking to moms and planning a hangout session. A perfect day off.. (It is not called play date anymore) It was just exciting and worried morning.
The first kid, a year older to Anand arrived on Saturday morning. Earlier Anand was very apprehensive with the idea but as soon as they saw they could recognize each other from school. And soon the room was filled with talks, laughter and fun. For more than 3 hours they played chess, talked about schools and movie and music. With the promise to meet again the session ended.
One of my friend is part of the “India discovery Center”. Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson was the speaker that night and I promised to help with stage management. On my way to venue all I could think of how happy Anand was. The event was awesome, went very well but all I could think of how can I extend Anand’s circle and what else can be done. By the end of the program I had a clear vision how I want to involve more children who are in need of friends.
Prof Rajmohan Gandhi, you were awesome but I am so sorry that Anand took over your talk that night. India Discovery center can have many more volunteers but this mother has a different mission now. Stay tuned..
A silk with blue border and palla holding me together with sister’s love..
There is a picture in the comment. special parents out there – please go out and seek help.. and parents please find a special buddy for your neuro typical kid.please support and share the idea around you.The world will be a better place if everyone has friends.. Please see the pictures in comment.
PC- Ashish a beautiful fall day in our yard..

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