Recently I have been watching pakistani serials and am hooked to their narrative style, short duration (most serials are 22 episodes long) and some very natural acting.

I watched Mere Apne (on youtube); a family drama of aging parents and ungrateful sons…but what caught my attention is that throughout the serial, the mother is in sarees…in every one of the 21 episodes, and at some points I caught myself gazing at her lovely drapes and getting curious about her choices:-)

It got me wondering if we have more in common than we care to acknowledge or work on. It would be so wonderful if the women of our two countries can forge a bond by weaving together the common threads of life into a fabric of peaceful neighbourliness.

My saree is a Patan patola (a double ikat technique of weaving) , which is a souvenir from my years of growing up in Gujarat. The colour for Saptami is white, attributed to Parvati, and signifies one who has all gunas.

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