5/100 – There is no fun in wearing a saree without friends joining in. This is my friend Honey who joined me in wearing a saree to work today.

Years ago, I arrived in office to find this green Dhakai Jamdani on my desk. I immediately knew it must have been Elliott who took the trouble to find me a beautful saree in Dhaka. Elliott and I spent 35 days in Kailali district of far-western Nepal, conducting a research and I remember telling him about how I wanted a saree from Bangladesh.

Everytime, I wear this saree, I remember the scorching heat in Kailali, the flash flood, staying away from family for so long for the first time, and also for the first time feeling like I was part of something very important.

And I have Elliott to thank for the arrival of Jamdani in my life.

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