This saree purchased while climbing the stairs to go to Tamilnadu emporium just at first look I liked this saree instantly coz of this onion shade (colour) it is one of the best shades which i like most. I love this cotton and smooth and very light to wear which gives strength to my feeling. I say thanks to my colleague and friend who took this picture at office today. HE gets ready as soon as I enter the room and really admire for his patience to take pictures of me everyday. to get a fresh look. Being navratras and observing fast I can see the spiritual glow in my face and I like that. Because of this 100sareepact I can c all lovely and elegant ladies and I know that what type of sarees they wear and their tastes. So happy navratras to 100sareepact and the ladies who are enjoying and celebrating this pact. Love u all.

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