It was 4 am when we reached the temple. An old Stone temple of the goddess Durga welcomes the numerous devotees that flock to have one glimpse of her and offer prayers. The sun was still lying below the horizon as if in deep slumber. Yet, The power of which broke thru in those beautiful streaks of orange and yellow in the forever grateful sky that keeps waiting for the energy of the sun to infuse life on earth every morning !! My sister and me as kids would walk with mom, holding her hands, a little perplexed with the crowd but assured that the goddesses blessings was the only Elixir that would help us tide thru this voyage called life.

Nostalgia envelopes my senses as the aroma of festivities dissolves in the air and is here to linger on for the coming few days. Trying to emulate those childhood rituals, even today I find solace at the Divine’s feet. Revelling in prayers and devotion works almost as a rubefacient for the soul.

The past few years I have learnt about how each day of this nine day festival is assigned a different colour. Each colour symbolic of some strength and quality. Day 2 of this festival and it said Blue.

Blue in whatever hue, I love you ?

Blue, the sky is you.

Blue, depth and the oceans signify you.

Blue, so here I give you your due. Draping the colour and offering prayers for peace to alight on each of us and in turn on our planet earth.

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