Saree # 11
Dated October 4, 2015
Occasion: Trip to Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh)
Saree Story: A lengthy one, but guess worth for it. Read for yourself to find out smile emoticon
I received a call on my mobile on Thursday, October 1 from my son school, and from my first experience of receiving such a call before, I could guess before even taking the call that something is wrong health-wise with my son. I picked it up immediately and without even waiting for the person on other side to say anything, I asked, what is wrong with my son. And there was a medical person on the other side, who said we are rushing him to a hospital in emergency in the school ambulance as he is having acute stomach pain that is not subsiding even after we have given him medicines. They informed hospital details and I called my husband immediately after that, he rushed from his work to hospital and I packed his slippers and clothes before rushing myself to hospital.
Fortunately, my husband could make it to his school even before they could take him in the ambulance, which was a relief, otherwise it could be a horrendous experience for the little fellow to travel in a ambulance without anyone familiar in sight. And I got stuck in traffic jams, as it was peak traffic/office hours. For a change, I did not panic and occupied my mind on the jams/red lights to be over so I can move to the hospital. While waiting on a long red light, I saw a man selling windmill kind of hand flyer with many smileys on it, I bought one. I even managed to bargain in that emergency, I was waiting on a long red light after all.
I reached hospital, where in the emergency ward; I could hear my son howling in pain. For a change, I did not over react and created any melodrama as I had created once when he was in playschool at Bangalore and he had stepped out of the school gate unattended during a school function, and it used to be a busy road in front of the school. Thankfully, he had reached just out of school main gate and was stopped by the security guard.
I showed him the surprise I had for him in my hand, the windmill smileys; he got distracted from his pain for a second or two smile emoticon and after ultrasound and some medicines that were given via intravenous injection, he started getting relief in about an hour’s time and he took a nap also thereafter. After few hours, he was discharged and we took him home.
We had a plan to visit Kasauli over the extended weekend on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on Friday, October 2. Kasauli is a colonial hill station established in 1842, which is also a cantonment and is located in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.
After watching our son’s condition for 1.5 days and seeing improvement, we decided to go ahead with our Kasauli plan, delayed of course and after starting in evening hours; we reached in night to Chandigarh and stayed overnight there in a hotel. Next day, we started early for Kasauli and stayed there for two days and one night.
We had a wonderful time in Kasauli and the experience of that I plan to write soon in a separate travelogue.
I’m sharing here pictures taken by my son at Kasauli and this marks my saree # 11 in the 100sareepact. In one of these pictures, a little girl named Priyanka from Kasauli accompanied me and that helped to get the best picture among all shared here. In another picture, during noon I was standing on the edge in the saree, that was surprising as after climbing a certain height same morning and with trembling legs while climbing down, I realized that when you do something that interests you, fear has no role to play.
This is a chiffon/crepe saree that was gifted by the event organizer of SareeFiesta to celebrate GurgaonSareeChallenge, in which I had also participated in a dance performance. Details of those were already shared here by me at length.
As I had forgotten to carry a blouse for this saree, a Benetton tee came handy 🙂

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