Saree #28

One of those days when you are dragging your feet, you feel sapped of energy and cant wait for the clock to strike 6PM on a Friday–yes, that was this past Friday like for me! So since I was feeling sluggish from Thursday evening itself, I decided to iron this light, airy, lovely chiffon saree, which is a repeat in the pact, to hopefully perk me up as I was praying hard for the week to come to a close. The saree delivered and I felt better wearing it than if I had chosen my usual jeans and a shirt for Friday dressing.

What lifted my spirits up even more was lunch with a bunch of colleagues at my favourite Thai place near the office! aah that steamed fish hits the spot each and every time!

Couldn’t manage a picture during the day so here is a mirror selfie at the end of the day after getting back!