On Thursday, we performed the Bhoomi pooja for our new house – ‘Shanti’.
This was special for many reasons, we found this plot after two years of looking for a place we like. Second, we made this huge decision to build rather than buy a built property. Finally, my husband actually agreed to perform a pooja with me, the first in five and a half years!
A bit about the saree, Mom picked this saree up in Varanasi during her recent trip. I do not know the exact fabric but these are sold as 40 gms silk as that’s all they weigh. It is wonderful for people like me. The first thing I said when she gave me this was, “Why didn’t you get 10 of these?”
A telugu custom is that when a married girl performs an auspicious event in her life, her clothes for the event is given by her maternal home. And that’s why I symbolically wore this new saree for this event.