18/100 ‪#‎100sareepact‬ Festivals are very integral part of our lives. Ganeshotsav which has its origins in Maharashtra, has been celebrated here for over a century but now is being celebrated through out India. I have been living in Maharashtra since 1986, and always wished to bring deity home whenever we used to visit friends during the festival and it finally happened 3 years ago. As I do visarjan on 2nd day, so yesterday said bye to Ganesha with a promise to come back soon after 365 days, purchya varshi laukar yaa . And this year his arrival blessed us with a good nonstop rain for 24hrs. As our region is a drought prone hence water is always a scarcity. So praying that the dry spell will end and our farmers will have some hope for future. Today I’m wearing this green banarasi kora saree suggested by dear Ruki, my elder daughter who is home for a short break. This girl of mine is wonderful person with a heart of gold, full of emotions, goals, ambitions and endeavors to achieve. She is our source of pride, her passion to serve the society is what makes her different. Its a saying that daughters are shadows of mothers, am happy that I have two. God bless you my darlings. Going to visit Priya Patil for lunch and that gives me a reason to wear another saree for my #100sareepact ‪#‎mysareedairies‬. This is a recent purchase when I went to Cochin for a wedding, this saree store had a small boutique which displays Binna kanan sarees. Lunch at priya’s was fabulous with traditional sit down arrangements. And a big thank you priya for the traditional haldi kumkum and return favour of maharashtraian nath .

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