On Monday we went to Tapkeshwer Mahadev Mandir …..Tapkeshwar is one of the most famous temple of lord Shiva in Dehradun…..one of the oldest Shiva ling is in the natural cave. Water drops from the ceilings of the cave trickle down over the Shiva linga in a continuous downpour ,making an interesting spectacle. T.M.temple is situated on the bank of river Asan that add a beauty of the holy place. The small cave with this splendid scenery is said to be resided by Dronacharya the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravasa in the epic Mahabharata written by Ved Vyas The cave is named Drona cave after his name. the cave is surrounded by beautiful hills and greenery .People from all over Uttarakhand and other states come to pay their obeisance to the diety every year on Shivratri and during the month of Sawan……May lord Shiva bless all of you…..!!!

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