This is one saree that makes its way into the pact simply by virtue of it being loaded with beautiful memories.
It was a gift from my parents for my younger brother’s wedding. It was picked up during one of my “No more silk” phases. Needless to say I soon grew out of it and my love for silk continues. This was also a period when I had a soft corner for everything the colour of wine. We purchased it from a shop in Delhi where we also picked up some for the bride. The picture on the left is of us ready to lead the borjatri (baraat).
The picture on the bottom right corner is of my maiden foreign trip to France where my husband was leading our pipe band to the International Military Music Festival scheduled in various cities of France. The military bands of many other countries participated in the festival but it was a proud moment for us when the loudest cheers went to our band– the Spirited and Sprightly Gurkhas. I vividly remember how all the band members wanted a picture with me because they loved me in a saree. I clicked this picture from the album.
I wore it again this evening to the Bara khana to celebrate fifty years of the 1965 war.