Number 26 on the #100SareePact brought back a flood of memories. This yellow and green kanjivaram was gifted by my maternal grandfather to my grandmother on their 25th wedding anniversary. So doing the math, turns out it’s a 36-year old saree! As I took it out of the saree box yesterday, I remembered a very beautiful picture of my grandparents, my grandmother wearing this saree, and both of them laughing heartily over a joke… Co-incidentally it also happens to be the first saree my mom ever wore to her friend’s wedding in college. And it’s also the first saree I ever draped in life, when I was around thirteen, I guess one Diwali. The picture on the right is from the first time I wore it, had teamed it up with my yellow nike t-shirt and I look so awkward in it…Draped it again yesterday, after almost 17 years for Gauri pooja. #handlooms #TextilesOfIndia #FirstSaree

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