#11 on the pact

Those were truly beautiful days when moms did not discard used sarees, instead made quilts for their grandchildren to blanket them with the warmth of their love.

It is also a tradition to wrap up new borns with soft cotton clothing preferably sheets made out of a grandma’s used weaves. These would be precious coz with use, the cloth would turn baby soft.

Likewise a saree that mom has worn several times also feels the same. This typical Maharashtrian style saree called the Narayan Peth, is kind of an heirloom for me. Handed to my mother by hers and then from her to me, this one has been a testimony to so many glorious occasions in our family.

The typical border, the rich silk and the luscious colour exudes those blessings and touch of mom and my grandma which I crave for even today. The antique thin gold threads that run between the border makes it a signature weave from times immemorial.

Here I wore it for the Ganesh festival at home and I knew mom was just with me like she never went away.

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