Bandhani Chinon ..I dont know the correct spelling I suppose ,feels like silk .I got this saree dyed to the shades of my choice during one of my visits to jaipur. My sister Beena Singh settled in Sikar after she married the man of her dreams Ajit Shekhawat and gave me more reasons to visit this exuberantly joyous and colorful city.As a kid I remember visiting my maasi who lives in Bikaner and the Karnee Mata Temple. I took an overnight train from Delhi to Jaipur this is when I was considered old enough to travel alone and as the train entered this colorful state in the wee hours of the morning the first sight that I beheld was bandhej in vibrant colors being dried out in the sun after being tied and dipped in boiling hot color in big vessels. Colors am sure gives a big high to all , designer or not and thus began my day dreaming of combinations, fabrics and accessories I was going to pick on this trip of mine. Needless to say I came back a very very happy lady loaded with enough stuff to stock my Boutique and have a show in Adarsh Palace exclusively with Rajasthani suits, sarees , cushion covers and accessories.
This picture with my elder son Anupam Singh

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